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Afghan doctors treat Afghans suffering from Tuberculosis

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) joined the Ministry of Public Health and the National Tuberculosis Program to recognize the recent global World Tuberculosis Day (TB) at the Ministry of Public Health in Kabul. The purpose of the

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Pakistan trains 15 Afghan doctors

As many as 15 Afghan doctors of eastern Nangarhar’s National Kidney Hospital have been sent to Pakistan for training. The National Kidney Hospital was established in 2014 at a cost of USD 4mn with financial support from Pakistan. According to

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Japan and IOM to support Indra Gandhi Children Hospital in Afghanistan

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) will provide medical equipments to the Indra Gandhi Children Hospital in Kabul with financial collaboration from the Japanese government. The medical equipments, costing USD 53,000, include blood detection machine. “We hope this assistance would

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Foreign soap operas keep Afghan doctors from working

A number of patients at the hospitals in Kabul, including Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Hospital, have complained about the doctors’ inattention and negligence towards patients’ treatment. The patients claim that the nighttime soap operas prevent doctors from checking on the

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Foundation stone-laying ceremony of a blood bank clinic in Western Afghanistan

 A blood bank is soon going to be established in the western Herat province of Afghanistan, reported officials from the Ministry of Public Health. Deputy Public Health Minister Najia Tariq, speaking at the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the clinic, said

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Afghan Doctors Using Code Language in their Prescriptions

Lately, a number of patients in Kabul have complained about the different ways that Afghan doctors try to swindle them out of their money. The patients say that the doctors use “code language” in the prescriptions by using “code language”,

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