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Afghan-Iran trade value sparks questions about off-the-book trade

Iranian government has asserted that Afghan-Iran trade value stands at USD 4bn per annum, a figure that Afghan officials have disputed and claimed it to be USD 1.5bn. According to the Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industries, the overall value

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Iran allows only two Afghan companies to import oil to Afghanistan

Commerce adviser from the Afghan embassy in Tehran, Haji Abdul Hadi Farhang, has requested the Iranian government to eliminate ban on the purchased oil tankers going from Iraq to Afghanistan. According to Mr. Farhang, Iran presently allows only two Afghan companies to

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Iran’s exports to Afghanistan reduced by 56%

With the reducing amount of trade between Afghanistan and Iran, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said they are looking for alternative ways. The international sanctions on Iran and the limitation of money transfer from Afghanistan to Iran to

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Afghan government must adopt a clear policy to solve the problem of Afghan traders

If the terms set forth by America, demanding the Afghan businessmen to cut ties with Iranian companies and banks, Afghanistan will be faced with various economic issues. Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) says that a clear economic policy

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Afghanistan the Fourth Major Importer of Iranian Products

According to Iran’s customs officials, Afghanistan purchased items worth USD 1,115,000,000 from Iran in the last five months, making Afghanistan the fourth largest importer of Iranian products behind Iraq (USD 2,416,000,000), China (2,780,000,000) and United Arab Emirates (USD 1,592,000,000). Due

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