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Depreciating Afghani causing price-hike in the market

The increasing prices of essential commodities has become intolerable among the Afghan people. The Lower House of the Parliament summoned Finance Minister Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, Chief of the Central Bank Noorullah Dilawari and Deputy Commerce and Industry Minister Muzammil Shinwari

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Cooperation agreement signed between DABS and Afghan National Standards Authority

As part of their efforts in expanding their services to the public, Da Afghanistan Breshan Sherkat (DABS), Afghanistan’s national power utility, has signed a cooperation pact with the Afghan National Standards Authority. The two parties have agreed on the following:

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Afghani drops against the US dollar, fuel prices up

Pajhwok Afghan News Weekly Price Report- The Afghan currency dipped against the US dollar, as fuel prices went up and other daily-use commodities’ rates remained unchanged during the outgoing week in Kabul, retailers said on Thursday. The Afghani depreciated against the

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Fire breakout in Faizabad left 20 shops in ashes

Fire breakout caused by a gas cylinder explosion engulfed a trade market in Faizabad, Badakhshan’s capital, leaving 20 shops in ashes. Forty other shops have been reportedly partially damaged. Blaming the shopkeepers for their negligence, Governor Abdul Maroof Rasikh said

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Fuel prices down in Kabul

Zarghona Salehi (PAN)- Prices of petroleum products dipped during the outgoing week in Kabul, with rates of other essential daily-use commodities staying stable, dealers said on Thursday. A litre of petrol cost 55 afs and diesel 60 afs against their

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Fuel prices increasing in Afghanistan with the arrival of the winter

A number of Kabul residents complain about the rising prices of fuel and urge the government to take measures to resolve the issue. The coming winter accompanied by the government’s failure to curb rising fuel prices in the country has

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