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Afghan money exchangers to fund a school in Argo

Argo district of Badakhshan will have its first school after the ravaging landslide that buried over 2000 people and displaced 700 families on May 2. The funds for the construction of the school will come from Kabul money exchange union.

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Afghan Central Bank sells USD 20mn to Afghan Money Exchangers

Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), Afghanistan’s Central Bank, sold USD 20mn to Afghan Money Exchangers on 16 March 2013, according to Sarai Shahzada. The aforementioned amount was sold at an exchange rate between 53.24 AFN and 53.29 AFN. Sarai Shahzada is

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Central Bank sells US dollars to Afghan money exchangers

According to the money exchangers at Sarai Shehzada, the Afghanistan Central Bank (Da Afghanistan Bank) sold USD 2,400,000 to the money exchangers at an exchange rate of between 51.921- 51.94 today, Tuesday, 5th of February. This comes after the Central

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