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Afghans from Herat being sent to Iran to work

A commission has been assigned to provide visa facilities for 20,000 Afghans to work in neighboring Iran, an official from Herat said. Governor Fazlullah Wahidi said the initiative was aimed at tackling unemployment and preventing illegal travel of Afghan youth

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Education of Afghans in Iran is the highest education of refugees in the world

According to Fars News Agency, over 118,000 Afghan students are currently attending schools in Tehran province of Iran. Director-General of the Foreign Nations and Immigrants Department of Tehran Governorate General, Issa Mousavinasab, said that the enrollment of Afghan nationals at

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Afghan refugees returning from Iran due to Rial crisis

With the Rial plunging at a historical record against the US dollars, Afghan refugees are forced to migrate back from Iran. Many Afghan refugees who traveled to Iran to seek job opportunities complain about the poor job market in the

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