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Afghan Finance Ministry accused of miscalculating income taxes

Shopkeepers in Kabul have accused Ministry of Finance (MoF) of miscalculating taxes and eliciting extra taxes for personal gains. According to Tolo News, MoF officials had forced shopkeepers to pay up to 100,000 AFG in income taxes this year, while

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Fire breakout in Faizabad left 20 shops in ashes

Fire breakout caused by a gas cylinder explosion engulfed a trade market in Faizabad, Badakhshan’s capital, leaving 20 shops in ashes. Forty other shops have been reportedly partially damaged. Blaming the shopkeepers for their negligence, Governor Abdul Maroof Rasikh said

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Afghan businessmen at Kabul’s Mandawi are exempted of tax for the next four years- Minister Ahadi

Minister of Commerce and Industries Anwarul Haq Ahadi announced on Monday that shopkeepers who were inflicted with losses caused by fire at Kabul’s Mandawi are exempted of taxes for the next four years. “In addition to tax exemption, the government

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