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More than 1 billion old Afghani banknotes are torched

A committee composed of officials from the Afghan Central Bank, National Council and Afghan Senate torched a sum of 1.5 billion eroded Afghani notes. The torched banknotes, ranging from 1 Afghani to 100 Afghani, were collected from western provinces: Herat,

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1-5 Afghani notes not acceptable in the market

A number of Herat residents have expressed concerns about the decline in the circulation of 1-5 Afghani banknotes in the market. They have accused the banks in Herat of negligence towards the control of money in the market. Meanwhile, bank

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Afghanistan prints 200bn Afghani banknotes

The Central Bank announced Sunday that 200bn Afghani banknotes are newly printed in accordance to the market demand. First Deputy of the Central Bank Khan Afzal Hadawal said the banknotes are printed in the United Kingdom by the Delarue firm.

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Forged money flooding Kabul markets

A number of residents and moneyexchangers have expressed their concerns about the rising circulation of counterfeit money in the market. Many moneyexchangers have given up their business as a result of increase in the printing of forged 500 and 1000

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