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Central Bank Links Depreciation of Afghani to Dollar Smuggling

Head of the central bank warns about the smuggling of US dollar out of Afghanistan through the borders and links it to the depreciation f Afghani against the foreign currency. Khalilullah Sediqi, the head of the central bank (Da Afghanistan

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Afghani goes up against US dollar

The value of the Afghani currency has picked up pace after months of considerable decline. The uncertain political situation and the prolonged elections process had hit Afghani hard as investors were hesitant to bring in capital in the country. Other

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Afghani dips against the US dollar

The value of the US dollar has appreciated against the Afghani currency, with the buying rate currently standing at 58.25 AFN. Earlier this year, the US dollar was sold at an exchange rate of 52-53 AFN. Local moneyexchangers have linked

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Afghan finance minister accuses foreign media propaganda for the declining Afghani

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul on Sunday, Afghan Finance Minister Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal alleged that the foreign media painted a negative picture of Afghanistan’s economy situation after 2014—a propaganda that has resulted in the declining value of the

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