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US Company wins the contract to manage Afghanistan’s air traffic control

Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority official announced on Sunday that the contract for Afghanistan’s air traffic control was awarded to a U.S. company to manage the country’s air traffic control for two years jointly with the Afghan authorities. Captain Mohammad Zahir

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Foreign companies to bid for Afghanistan’s air traffic control

According to a statement released by the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA), six foreign companies are interested in bidding for Afghanistan’s air traffic control. The bids were discussed at a consultative meeting in Kabul where representatives of the companies conferred

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Afghanistan hikes air tax by USD 100

The Afghan government has increased air tax by USD 100 in a bid to increase government revenue from the airspace. Previously, an air tax of USD 400 would be charged for every flight passing through the Afghan airspace. With effect

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Increase in transit flights generate higher revenues for Afghan government

According to the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, foreign aircraft transit revenues have increased by about 30% compared to last year. While the officials did not give the exact amount of revenues, they said aircrafts crossing Afghanistan’s air space have

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