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Paktiya farmers in search of market for their increased apple production

Farmers in Paktiya have witnessed a tremendous increase in apple production this year. However, lack of a suitable market and cold storage facilities have left the farmers in dismay. The production of apple in the province has jumped to 13,000

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Paktia in need of market for their apples

Paktia apple orchard owners have called on the government to establish a proper market for their apples. According to Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN), 7 kilograms of apples from Paktia are sold at 100 AFN. The price does not meet the

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Problems of Baghlan farmers not addressed

Baghlan fruits have lost their values in the market, as distance from the market and damaged roads have affected the quality of the fruits. The farmers say that their apple yield has been higher than previous years, but due to

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