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Afghan imports decline at Hairatan Harbor while exports go up

According to Hairatan Harbor officials, imports have decreased by 46% as at March of this year compared to last year, while exports show an increase of 67%. Head of Hairatan Harbor Services Office, Mohammad Yaqub Zazai, cited disappearance of goods at

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Turkmenistan’s New Year gift to Afghanistan

Turkmenistan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Haji Yuf Wafa in his visit to Jawzjan announced the reconstruction of the Aqina port road to the provincial officials. He also announced the establishment of two power sub-stations on the border to solve the electricity

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Concerns of Herat customs department over import of poor quality goods

Officials from Herat’s customs department have expressed their concerns about the illegal imports of substandard quality goods through Herat’s borders. Herat’s customs Maintenance Manager Zabiullah Ahmadzai said despite strict control from the department, poor quality goods illegally enter Herat province

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New restrictions at the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan

Security officials have reported about new restrictions at the Sher Khan port, the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. General Habibullah Sayed Khaili, border police commander in Northern and North Eastern Afghanistan, said new restrictions are expected to be put forward

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Iran sanctions hurting Afghanistan’s economy

Afghanistan is repeatedly pinched as the west tightens its sanctions against Iran. Afghani currency has dropped to its lowest value against the dollar in the span of only a few weeks. The reason is linked to the high demand for

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