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Entrepreneur of the Month: Hameda Safi

Hameda Safi is the founder and owner of Tokma Fashion—one of the leading fashion designing companies based in Kabul. Ms. Safi has obtained her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and master’s degree in International Relations. “After years of working in media

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Handicrafts by Afghan women gain international recognition

Kunduz businesswomen association said women’s handicrafts have gained popularity overseas. The handicrafts include traditional clothes, carpet weaving, embroidery, bead weaving and leather braiding. According to the  association in Kunduz, their products have been sold both in local markets and foreign

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Fashion in Kabul comes at a high cost

Kabul is now home for large shopping centers offering a variety of clothes ranging from traditional outfits to the newest fashion available out there. The prices, however, have increased two-fold compared with the prices two years ago. A traditional Afghan

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