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Aynak Ore Creates Dilemma for Treasure

Flanked by waves of mountains and gray desert, the road leading from the Afghan capital to the ancient ruins of Mes Aynak ends abruptly at the foot of a dusty hilltop. From that vantage point, 40 kilometers from Kabul, one

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Ainak Copper Mine– Extracting for Wealth while Preserving the Heritage

Dr.Sayed Makhdom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture while talking at the conference of preservation of cultural heritage of Ainak Copper Mine asked the friendly countries to assist the ministry for delivery of cultural heritages and ancient relics to a

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Copper extraction from Ainak mine to start next year

The process of digging historic relics at eight sites around the world’s largest copper mine in central Logar province is nearing completion and extraction work would be launched next year, a minister said on Monday. Discovered in 1974, the Ainak

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