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Pakistan Allows Afghan Traders to Import Food and Medicine

The Pakistani government has agreed to allow Afghan traders to import only food and medicines across the border. In an interview with ToloNews, Afghan ambassador to Pakistan Mohammad Atif Mashal, said Afghan traders can only import food and medicine items

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US Provides $15mn in Aid to Afghanistan to Fight COVID-19

The US government has pledged $15 million in aid to help combat COVID-19 in Afghanistan, according to a statement issued by the US embassy in Kabul. The statement adds that $5 million of the aid will go toward health and

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Afghan Government Provides 50,000 Testing Kits For Coronavirus

The Afghan Ministry of Public Health has prepared to provide 50,000 testing for the coronavirus as the number of reported cases is on the rise in the country. The government has also allocated $25 million for the Public Health Ministry

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