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Fashion in Kabul comes at a high cost

Kabul is now home for large shopping centers offering a variety of clothes ranging from traditional outfits to the newest fashion available out there. The prices, however, have increased two-fold compared with the prices two years ago. A traditional Afghan

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Karzai blames the US for making corruption worse in Afghanistan

President Karzai, in his interview with CBS news, accused the United States for fostering corruption in managing and awarding huge contracts to Afghan businesses. The president, however, did admit the scandal within his government. Meanwhile, Afghan experts blame the government,

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Kidnappings Harming Business in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Shour Niazi says the armed men who abducted him wore the uniforms of the National Security Directorate, the domestic intelligence agency. After hustling him into a waiting vehicle, the local businessman said his kidnappers placed a black

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