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Afghanistan To Request for Re-Validation after EITI Suspension

Afghanistan was temporarily suspended from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in January 2019 after demonstrating “inadequate progress” in implementing the required standards. The country intends to request re-validation in the Global Conference in Paris in June 2019. Afghanistan is

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Afghan mining sector promoted in Toronto, Canada

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) and the Afghan Embassy in Ottawa promoted the Afghan Mining sector at the world’s leading convention and investor exchange event on mineral exploration and exploitation: the

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Afghanistan attends workshop in Turkey on good governance in mining industry

Representatives of the multi-stakeholder group (MSG) of Afghanistan’s Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (AEITI), Afghanistan’s civil society, the private sector, the Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), the Ministry of Finance (MoF) as well as the Afghan Parliament, participated in

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President Ghani emphasizes need for reform in mining industry

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani emphasized on the importance of the mining industry for Afghanistan and underlined the crucial role of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in reaching the country’s development objectives. “All contracts need to be accessible to the

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Afghanistan addresses natural resource governance challenges at EITI’s Global Conference

A delegation from the Afghan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (AEITI) attended the EITI Global Conference in Lima, Peru on February 24th-25th. The forum convened international key stakeholders to discuss and share their experience in developing and promoting transparent payments from

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Afghan Mineral Deposits Expected to Provide Jobs, Produce Revenue

Afghanistan is on the cusp of strong economic growth due to a number of factors. A growing middle class has been supported through increasing industrialization and improved stability in the political and monetary systems. The young and energetic population has

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Afghan government making effort to bring transparency in mining industries

Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (AEITI) released its first report on the reconciliation of payments by mining industries to government and revenues received by government. The report was based on the payments by major mining companies in Afghanistan including AIC,

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