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Canadians launch a survey of gas reserves in Herat

Canadian experts along with their Afghan counterparts have launched a survey to identify the extent of fuel reserves in northern parts of western Herat province. The reserves were discovered in Kashk-e-Kohna, Rabat Sangi and Gulran district, bordering Turkmenistan and Iran.

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Illegal transfer of gas to Pakistan from Afghanistan

Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industries called on the national security agencies to prevent the illegal transfer of gas to Pakistan. According to the ministry officials, gas is imported from several countries to Afghanistan to meet the demands; however, it

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Uzbek oil tanker docked in Hairatan port after 16 years

An oil tanker from Uzbekistan docked at Hairatan border in Langar province after 16 years. Mohammad Sabir Zaheer, chief of oil at Hairatan border, said the tanker, capable of holding 250 ton of fuel, has arrived in the region bordering

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Fuel prices double in Bamyan

Fuel prices in the central province of Bamyan have doubled after the government shut down two coal mines in the area. The price of per seven kilograms of coal has increased from 30 AFN to 70 AFN, and per seven

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Russia supplies fuel to Afghanistan to stable fuel prices

Russia has supplied 10,000 tons of fuel to Afghanistan to help stable the oil prices in Afghanistan. The contract for oil supply of 500,000 tons of fuel to Afghanistan was signed between the two countries last year, in a bid

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Fuel traffickers becoming more active in Herat

Officials at Herat’s oil and gas administration department reported that mafia groups are becoming more active in importing poor quality fuel into the country. The officials call for legal actions to be taken against these mafia groups. Khesraw Abdullah, Head

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Afghan traders feel ethnic squeeze on fuel

Fuel traders in Afghanistan say they are being frozen out of the import business by suppliers in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, whom they accuse of favoring businessmen from their own ethnic groups. Some 70% of Afghanistan’s oil and natural gas is

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