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Young Afghan Students Create Innovative Solutions to Tackle Agriculture Problems

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) sponsored the first Afghanistan National Young Innovators in Agriculture Competition, an activity aimed at engaging Afghan students in tackling the problem of post-harvest loss in high value crops. In Afghanistan, farmers lose more

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Over 4 tons of Afghan saffron exported to foreign countries

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock officials said over 4 tons of saffron were exported last year. The Afghan calendar year 1391 proved to be a good year for saffron harvest mainly due to improvement in the product packaging and

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Decline and Stagnation: Why Rural Afghans are Staying Poor

Despite the influx of millions of foreign aid, rural communities across large parts of Afghanistan are getting poorer. A recent study by the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit has investigated the factors that have crippled the situation in rural areas

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