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Karzai and Fahim have not paid back their loans- Kabul Bank Tribunal

Kabul Bank special tribunal claim that two of the shareholders of the former Kabul Bank- President Hamid Karzai’s brother, Mahmoud Karzai, and deputy president’s brother, Hassin Fahim- still owe money to the bank. The two shareholders, however, deny the allegations

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What is impeding the development projects in Kabul?

Officials of Security Transition Commission have cited security issues and lack of good governance as the main hindrances to the implementation of development projects. Speaking at a conference attended by officials from the capital and its districts, the Head of

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Afghanistan acts to curb flight of capital

Afghanistan has taken new steps to combat rampant capital flight after the central bank found that the amount of dollars flown out of Kabul doubled to $4.6bn last year. Afghan officials believe many of the brick-sized stacks of $100 bills

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