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Unemployment on the rise in Afghanistan

Afghan Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs officials have expressed concerns at the increasing number of jobless individuals in the country. Return of Afghan refugees from neighboring countries and rising population density are cited as the main factors behind the

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Regenerating Afghanistan’s Economic Development Through Online Entrepreneurship

A half-day workshop on “Online Entrepreneurship” was delivered by TechDeira aimed at helping Afghans develop their skills and capacity through technology. Technology offers a diverse opportunity to increase economic development and Afghanistan is embracing this change. Afghanistan has a rapidly

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Negative rumors about 2014 being the reason for capital flight in Afghanistan

Afghan Economy Minister Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal cited the baseless concerns and negative rumors about the deadline 2014 as the reason for the capital flight and increasing corruption in the country. He said the enemies of Afghanistan are spreading speculations that

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Joblessness or menial jobs for educated Kunduz graduates

More than 320 educated youths, including master, bachelor and bachelorette graduates, are jobless in the northern Kunduz province. Of them 180 are females. Despite the qualification, the graduates are not provided any job opportunities in the government departments or non-governmental

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