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Human Trafficking Law requires more attention: Afghan Think Tank

A recent study conducted by the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) recommends that the trafficking law of 2017 should be reviewed to identify and remove all contradictory statements or redundancies with the penal code. “Once they are aligned, it

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MPs at odds over changes to Anti-Money Laundering Law

Afghan lawmakers in the Lower House had a heated debate over changes to a controversial article of the Anti-Money Laundering Law on Monday. According to Article 4 of the Anti-Money Laundering Law, those who have earned money through illegitimate means

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Money Laundering Law delayed further, Afghan MPs blame the government

Members of the Lower House have shifted the blame onto the government for the delay in ratification of Anti-Money Laundering Law. The Law was expected to be voted on Tuesday; however, due to lack of a quorum in the Lower

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Stalemate facing the new mines law angers Afghan officials

A number of officials have expressed anger at the impasse in new mining laws that are still pending at the Lower House for approval. The draft laws were submitted to the Lower House for ratification over eight months ago. Economic

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Afghan government to impose 50% extra tax duty on tobacco imports

A majority of the lawmakers voted in favor of the Tobacco Control Act that calls for imposing 50% extra duties on tobacco imports and charging fines to those found selling tobacco to children. The Act further bans smoking in public

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Council of Ministers to soon approve Afghanistan’s mining laws draft

The Council of Ministers gives preliminary approval to the delayed mining laws of Afghanistan. According to the presidential palace press release, the Council of Ministers decided Monday to approve the mining laws draft. Ministry of Justice and Mines are required

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IMF, Afghanistan agree path to fresh aid

The IMF said Monday it had reached agreement with Afghanistan on the reform path needed to unlock the next aid installment for the war-ravaged country. The International Monetary Fund granted Afghanistan a $133.6 million line of credit in November 2011

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