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A public library opened in Balkh

A newly built public library was inaugurated in Balkh, Mazar-e Sharif on Tuesday. The opening ceremony was attended by employees of the Balkh District Governor’s Office as well as local politicians and provincial council members. The German Government funded the

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New library with 5,000 books opens its doors in Kunduz to the general public

A new library consisting of 5,000 books was inaugurated on Sunday in Khan Abad district of Kunduz province. Built at a cost of more than 4.5mn Afghanis, the facility was funded by the German government. At the opening by the

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Balkh gets new district public library with German funding

The Balkh District Governor’s Office officially celebrated the start of construction work for a new public library in the district on Thursday. The building work for the library will cost over AFN 7,300,000, funded by the German Government. The public

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Public Library inaugurated in Faizabad, Afghanistan

The Faizabad Provincial Library was officially inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Mr. Mosadiq Khalili, and the Governor of Badakhshan, Dr. Shah Waliullah Adeeb, in Faizabad on June 26, 2013, in the presence of local government and

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