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Afghanistan receives $6mn in loan for agriculture development

The Afghan government has received USD 6mn in loan which will go to farmers, small entrepreneurs and agricultural producers to produce, process and pack their products in accordance with the international standards. An agreement to that effect was signed between

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Afghanistan owes $2.5bn in loans from foreign countries

According to Afghan Ministry of Finance officials, Afghanistan owes USD 2.5bn in loans from foreign countries and financial firms during the past 14 years. The loans were taken from Iran, the Czech Republic, the World Bank,  the Asian Development Bank

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Afghanistan Central Bank extends credit system to rural areas

Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), Afghanistan’s Central Bank, has extended banks loans issuance to medium and small entrepreneurs in rural areas. An agreement to that effect was signed between DAB and thirteen non-governmental organizations in Kabul. Addressing the press conference, DAB

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Kabul to launch credit registry system to manage loans

An online public credit registry system is being established in Kabul city to manage loans and facilitate transactions. Funded by the World Bank, the project is being implemented by the Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) at a total cost of USD

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Agriculture Ministry provides loans to Afghan traders

Afghan Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock has promised to provide  loans to Afghan traders  engaged in agriculture business. “The Ministry is ready to offer technical and financial support to the members of the private sector, who have invested and

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Will Afghanistan receive loans in the future?

A number of economic pundits have expressed concerns about the inability of the Afghan government to repay its debts which can hinder development of the country, as the country will not be trusted by lenders in the future. Sayed Masoud,

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3% of Afghans enjoy banking services

A roundtable was held in Kabul on Wednesday to discuss increasing access to credit and reforming the banking system. Hameedullah Noor Ebad, President of the National Center for Policy Research at Kabul University, shed light on the importance of the

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