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US to spend USD 4bn a year to fund Afghanistan’s military through 2017

Washington has promised to spend about USD 4bn a year to fund Afghanistan’s military through 2017. President Ashraf Ghani in his remarks at the Pentagon on Monday thanked the US troops for their sacrifices and support for Afghanistan’s security. He

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UK funded military academy inaugurated in Kabul

Built at a cost of USD 42 million, Kabul’s military academy was inaugurated today by Afghan President Hamid Karzai and British Defense Minister. British Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to fund the construction of Kabul’s military academy during his visit

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US procures new training equipment for Afghan Air Force

The US government has purchased a new training technology for Afghan Air Force at the Shindand Air Base in Herat province. Costing around USD 25mn, the full package of equipment includes high-tech flight simulators that will allow pilots to practice

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US Department of Defense slammed for controversial Afghan helicopter purchase

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) in its latest report criticized the US Department of Defense for pursuing controversial chopper purchases from a Russian firm. The report said the US must not spend nearly a billion dollars on

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Military Uniform Company Near Collapse

By Zabiullah Jhanmal-Tolo News An Afghan private company which produces military uniforms and boots is close to collapse after it failed to win the army’s military uniform contract, owners said. The factory had employed more than 1,000 personnel – mostly

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Afghans will be able to shop from RadioShack stores by 2013

By Dawood Essa The next time you take a walk through downtown Kabul, you might be able to shop from a RadioShack store like this one. You will be able to buy batteries and other accessories from a RadioShack (RSH)

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Rightsize military, World Bank asks Kabul

The World Bank (WB) has urged Afghanistan, which is preparing for a sustainable economy after 2014 when foreign troops are expected to withdraw, to prioritise national programmes and rightsize its military. The bank also urged foreign donors not only to

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