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Afghan government continues to pump US dollar into market

Da Afghanistan Bank, Afghanistan’s central bank, plans to continue injecting US dollar into the market  in a bid to control the rising value of US dollar against Afghani. “As per our new policy, we plan to sell US dollar three

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Central Bank has no answer for the declining value of Afghan currency

The US dollar was exchanged at a rate of 55 AFN yesterday once again after years. The declining value of Afghan currency against US dollars is raising concerns among traders. With decreasing of Afghan currency value against US dollar, traders

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US dollar drops against Afghani

After several weeks, Afghani picks up value against the dollar. According to the moneyexchangers in Sarai Shahzada, 1 USD was equivalent to 51 AFN today. Some analysts link the fall in the dollar value to the amounts of dollars pumped

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Reasons for the rising dollar in Afghanistan

The exit of international forces from Afghanistan and the tightening of sanctions against Iran from the West are the main reasons for the rising price of American dollar in Afghanistan. In addition, Kabul Money Exchange Union considers the lack of

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