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Tag "Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade and Transit Agreement"

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Afghanistan offers multiple-entry visas to Pakistani businessmen

Afghanistan has decided to offer multiple-entry visas to Pakistani traders in a bid to improve bilateral ties between the two neighboring nations. The decision followed after official request from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Pakistani businessmen have

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Afghan traders accuse Pakistan of increasing cargo traffic rates

Afghan traders in the southern zone are enraged by the sudden increase in cargo traffic rates at Pakistan’s Karachi Port. As many as 2,000 containers loaded with food and non-food items are stuck at the Karachi port over the past

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Afghanistan, Pakistan to address trade and transit issues

Representatives from the Afghan government and Afghan private sector will be heading to Pakistan to address trade and transit issues that are impeding Afghan business activities. The trip was planned over a month ago by President Ashraf Ghani during his

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