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100-hectare pistachio forests being revived in Badakhshan

According to the Agriculture Department official, 100-hectare pistachio forests are being revived in northeastern Badakhshan province. Noor Mohammad said pistachio forests were being rehabilitated in five districts of Badakhshan province to help farmers generate income and to increase greenery in

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Pistachio products likely to increase in Baghlan

With pistachio trees planted in more than hundred hectares of land, it is expected to see a good yield of pistachio in Baghlan province. Pistachio is one of Afghanistan’s highly demanded dry fruit both inside and outside of Afghanistan. According

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Afghanistan’s natural resources are in danger

Herat’s Directorate of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock held a conference on the introduction, conservation and development of natural resourced with collaboration from the United Nations Development Program-UNDP. According to the directorate’s officials, interventions from the neighboring countries and insecurity have

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