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First Pistachio Processing Factory Opens in Badghis Province

The first pistachio processing factory in Badghis was inaugurated last week in the presence of local government officials and business community members. With a processing line equipped with five pistachio crushing machines, the factory has the capacity to process 300-500

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Samangan’s Pistachio Yield Reaches 69 Tons

Pistachio yield Samangan province has reached to 69 tons this year, according to officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL). Samangan is the second largest producer of pistachio after Badghes province in Afghanistan. According to Muhammad Rahman

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Badghis’s Pistachio Production To Double This Year

The Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock department in Badghis province are expecting pistachio production to reach to 36,456 tons this year, which is double the amount of last year’s production. Last year, pistachio production was affected by drought; however, this year

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26% Hike in Pistachio Yield in Samangan

The northern Samangan province has witnessed a considerable increase in its pistachio production this year. According to sources, pistachio yield in the province has reached 212 tons this year, indicating a 26% increase from last year. Farmers have earned 265mn

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Badghis pistachio production plummets 50%

Pistachio yield in Badghis, Afghanistan’s leading province for pistachio cultivation, has declined by 50%, officials have reported. Covering about 30,000 hectares of land, pistachio forests in the province are faced with various threats that have adversely affected their cultivation. In

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