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Ministry of Communication’s revenue exceeds the government’s revenue

The revenue of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) stood at USD 198mn in the last financial year, 10% more than the total revenue of the government. Speaking at the Annual Conference of Directors Ministry of communications and

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1 TV’s investigation report on major Afghan companies evading tax

According to an investigation report by 1 TV, as many as 15 out of 300 major companies are alleged for refusing to pay taxes to the Afghan government. The report claims that these companies have tried to evade tax by

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Two Afghan government officials sentenced to prison for embezzlement

Paktika’s revenue officer and agriculture director, alleged for embezzlement in government funds, are awarded six and seven year imprisonment respectively. According to the chief of the urban court Khan Zaman Yaqubi’s verdict, the agriculture director with convenience of revenue officer

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