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Saffron production on the rise in Afghanistan

In a bid to boost saffron production in the country, the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has established around 100 exhibitive pieces in various provinces to help farmers receive technical support in saffron cultivation. Saffron is witnessing an unprecedented

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Afghan farmers demand saffron cultivation training after successful pilot projects

Farmers in Ghazni have demanded training in saffron cultivation after obtaining positive results from last year’s pilot projects. The farmers found the crop business lucrative and have called on the government to provide them further information on how to cultivate

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Paktika farmers call on government for saffron cultivation training

Paktika farmers want to switch to growing saffron as the best alternative to the illicit crop, poppy. The farmers are seeking the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to provide saffron seeds and training programs for them. The province offers

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