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Afghanistan working towards acquiring ACCA license

The Professional Accountant Organization Development (PAOD) of the Directorate General Treasury, which works within the framework of the Ministry of Finance, is undertaking efforts to enhance accountancy level in Afghanistan by obtaining Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) license. A

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The state of Afghanistan’s national finances

Many reports have been circulating during the last few days about the state of public finance in Afghanistan. Based on empirical guesses of incomplete information, these reports contribute to the uncertainty of the political landscape in Afghanistan. To provide a

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Kru Capital purchases New Kabul Bank for USD 28.5mn

Afghan Ministry of Finance (MoF) have reported that the New Kabul Bank has been purchased for USD 28.5mn by Kru Capital whose technical offer received 80 marks. The winner initially appeared to be CBGI who had offered USD 21 million;

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