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How to Save Afghanistan’s Groundwater?

The Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) today launched its  recent research Issues Paper, “Surface Groundwater Interaction in the Kabul Region Basin”, authored by Dr Najibullah Sadid and generously funded by the European Union (EU). This paper is part of

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Urban governance problems in Afghanistan call for immediate action

Rapid urbanization in Afghanistan has created grave challenges for Afghans, such as lack of access to safe drinking water, waste management resources and social services like healthcare, education and community spaces. In order to create a better understanding of recent

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“Kabul residents must assist the municipality with cleaning the city”

A number of Kabul residents said people must participate in keeping the city clean by assisting the municipality. “Cleanliness is the duty of all our citizens. Our city is our home. In order to protect ourselves from various diseases, we

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