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Afghanistan pushes for inclusion of India in PATTTA

The Afghan government demanded Pakistan’s Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir during his recent visit to Kabul the inclusion of India in the Pakistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA). Khan Jan Alokozay, Deputy Chief of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI),

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Will Afghanistan’s presence in APTTA be merely symbolic?

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan recently finalized a trilateral trade transit agreement, which originally emerged between Afghanistan and Pakistan and invited Tajikistan as well to extend trade to the entire region. The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries officials are, however,

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Afghan government to block routes for Pakistani trucks

The Afghan government has warned to block the trade routes to Pakistani trucks if Pakistan does not allow Afghan traders’ truck to pass through the Waga port in the next three days. As many as 2,000 containers loaded with food

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Afghan traders accuse Pakistan of increasing cargo traffic rates

Afghan traders in the southern zone are enraged by the sudden increase in cargo traffic rates at Pakistan’s Karachi Port. As many as 2,000 containers loaded with food and non-food items are stuck at the Karachi port over the past

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Afghanistan, Pakistan agree to strengthen economic ties

Afghanistan and Pakistan officials have once again agreed to strengthen economic and bilateral ties, this time on a new set of plans. An Afghan delegation, led by the Acting Minister of Commerce and Industries, met with Pakistan’s government officials and

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Afghanistan states its conditions for the trilateral transit pact

The Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industries said Saturday that Afghanistan will have specific conditions for the trilateral transit pact that is due to be signed among Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Afghanistan will propose its conditions in the first meeting

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ACCI Delegation meets High-Ranking Representatives in Germany

Last week a delegation of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) visited several organizations in Berlin, Bonn, Cologne and Koblenz on an exposure visit to Germany. The delegation trip enabled the ACCI leadership to present the chamber`s activities

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