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Afghan politician and economist 2nd on list of top 100 thinkers

Ashraf Ghani is listed second among the 100 thinkers of 2013 in the British Magazine, The Prospect. To qualify for this year’s world thinkers rankings, it was not enough to have written a seminal book, inspired an intellectual movement or

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Afghanistan’s economic issues must be seriously considered- Ahmadzai

Head of the Afghan Transition Commission Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai warned about the potential threats Afghanistan might face, if significant attention is not paid towards Afghanistan’s economic and investment conditions. He cited the rising youth population, the widespread unemployment and the

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What is impeding the development projects in Kabul?

Officials of Security Transition Commission have cited security issues and lack of good governance as the main hindrances to the implementation of development projects. Speaking at a conference attended by officials from the capital and its districts, the Head of

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