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Fiber factory opened in Kabul city

A fiber production factory called Paktika Shaheen has been opened in Kabul city. The factory has the capacity to produce 7,000 tons of fiber in a day. Addressing the inaugural ceremony, head of the factory Haji Sheikh Mohammad said empty

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Inauguration of the Afghanistan National Industrial Conference

The Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) organized a conference with the theme of “The Rising Afghan Industry” in November at the Loya Jirga Compound. Inaugurating the conference, President Hamid Karzai emphasized on the growth of domestic products and protecting them

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The Number of the rich in Asia is higher than in North America

According to the latest poll by the Royal Bank of Canada, the number of affluent people in Asia surpasses that of North America for the first time. The officials from the bank reported that the number of rich people in

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