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India builds 3 health centers in Badakhshan

Officials of the Ministry of Public Health said three new health centers including a 20-bed hospital would be built in Badakhshan province. Funded by the Indian government, the facilities are implemented at a cost of USD 480,000. Provincial public health

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New health facility to open up in Badakhshan

A 76-bed hospital is going to be built in Faizabad city of northeastern Badakhshan province with funds from the German government. The two-story building will be equipped with modern facilities including gas, heater and air conditioned system. Provincial Public Health

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Civil servants in Badakhshan completed basic training with German support

120 civil servants from more than 14 public institutions successfully completed a six-month basic training on English language, computer programs and management skills in Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan province. This training was conducted by the Independent Administrative Reform and

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Thousands of families benefit from development projects in Badakhshan

Seventeen projects of the National Solidarity Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/NSP) were recently completed in Badakhshan province. According to the provincial manager of NSP Badakhshan province, these development projects included the construction of community centers,

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Germany funds new women’s dormitory at Badakhshan University for 260 female students

Badakhshan University celebrated the official opening of a new women’s dormitory in Faizabad, the provincial capital. Built by the Department of Higher Education (DoHE) at a cost of over AFN 53 million with funding from the German Government, the new

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Three Development Projects Completed in Badakhshan Province

Three sub-projects of the National Solidarity Program (NSP) of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (NRRD) was recently completed in Badakhshan province. According to the concerned Provincial Manager of NSP, the projects included graveling of rural roads, construction culverts,

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Badakhshan officials receive training on how to manage public health clinic and school building projects

Representatives from various line departments in Badakhshan came together to attend a training in construction project management. Project engineers learnt how to plan, implement, manage and monitor construction projects on district and provincial level.  As part of an Afghan-German cooperation

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Afghan government has spent over USD 90mn on development projects in Badakhshan province

According to the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development officials, more than USD 90mn has been spent on development projects in Badakshan province in the past decade. Rural Rehabilitation and Development Minister Wais Barmak said over 2,800 uplift projects have

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