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English Premier League to support Afghan Football Federation

English Premier League is expected to sign an agreement with the Afghan Football Federation (AFF) in Dubai within two months. This comes after British Prime Minister David Cameron accompanied by England’s top football player Michael Owen visited southern Afghanistan and

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UK funded military academy inaugurated in Kabul

Built at a cost of USD 42 million, Kabul’s military academy was inaugurated today by Afghan President Hamid Karzai and British Defense Minister. British Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to fund the construction of Kabul’s military academy during his visit

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David Cameron urges India to open up to British business

David Cameron has urged the Indian government to cut “regulation and red tape” in a bid to encourage more trade and investment involving UK businesses. The prime minister said India “can be a difficult country to do business in” but

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Work on institution for ANA officers launched

As promised by British Foreign Minister David Cameron during his visit to Kabul in July, the UK has funded the construction of an academy for Afghan National Army (ANA) officers. The foundation stone-laying ceremony of the academy was held on

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EU should have two different budgets- David Cameron

David Cameron seems to most likely veto the current proposed budget of the EU “if necessary”. “The EU budget is a classic example of where should probably start to draw new line,” said Mr. Cameron. He further added that there

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