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Trump Tariff Hurting US More Than They Are Hurting China

Trump’s former chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, said the battle has had a “dramatic effect” on US manufacturing and capital investment. Mr. Cohn resigned from the Trump administration in March 2018, and was the former president of Goldman Sachs bank.

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The United States Economy Grew By 2.5%, Below Trump’s Target of 3%

Official figures stated that the GDP expanded by 2.5% during 2018. Growth slowed during the second quarter as exports declined, and companies invested less in their businesses. GDP grew at 2.1% between April and June but below 3.1% in the

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Trump releases $4 trillion budget plan

President Donald Trump released his $4 trillion-plus budget plan today, which includes his long-awaited infrastructure project and seeks funding for a border wall, opioid treatment, and veterans’ health. The White House is proposing $200 billion in federal spending over the

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US economy grows at 2.1% in 4Q

The US Department of Commerce has recorded a 2.1% growth in the country’s GDP in the October-December period. The figure is an improvement from the previous estimate of 1.9% and is linked to stronger consuming spending. “Consumer spending will lead

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A Muslim saved Donald Trump from bankruptcy twice

The Republican presidential candidate of the United States, known for his controversial statements on the Muslim community, is also a billionaire businessman who does not miss a single opportunity to boast about his successful business empire. But, who knew he

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