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Afghan farmers demand saffron cultivation training after successful pilot projects

Farmers in Ghazni have demanded training in saffron cultivation after obtaining positive results from last year’s pilot projects. The farmers found the crop business lucrative and have called on the government to provide them further information on how to cultivate

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Reduction in Agricultural Production in Ghazni

Ghazni officials reported that the production of wheat and some other grains in Ghazni has declined. “Constant droughts have resulted in heavy losses to crop,” said Sultan Hussain Abbasyar, Director of Agriculture in Ghazni. Situated in the center of the

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Ghazni villages devastated by heavy rainfalls

20 villages in the district of Andar and Deh Yak in southern Ghazni province were hit by heavy rains and hailstorm on Saturday. Farmers from the districts claimed that the rainfall lashed their farms. “I had grown onions in 20

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