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Foreign Ministers from dozens of Islamic countries to visit Ghazni

Foreign Ministers from about 40 Islamic countries are invited to visit Ghazni. In the wake of criticism of the deteriorating security situation and the implementation of reconstruction projects in Ghazni, dozens of Foreign Ministers are invited to visit the province.

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Ghazni residents still waiting for uplift projects in their districts

A number of Ghazni residents complain about absence of reconstruction projects in areas where security has improved with the deployment of local police forces. The government had failed to execute uplift plans in a number of districts due to lack

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New police headquarter inaugurated in Ghazni

Built on a 5 acre land at a cost of USD 700mn, a new police headquarter was inaugurated on Tuesday in Dah Yak district of Ghazni. According to Ghazni Police Chief Mal Paswal Zahid, the project is funded by United

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