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India’s steel and power project in Afghanistan still on

Reports began to circulate last month that the Afghan Iron and Steel Consortium (AIFSCO), led by the state-owned Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL), after years of apprehension about the project has pulled out from the project altogether. According to

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India to slash investment in Afghan iron ore amid security concerns

The consortium of six Indian companies led by the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) may cut investment in Afghanistan’s Hajigak iron ore to almost an eighth of its original plan, as the security concerns are on the rise. According

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India views a secure and stable Afghanistan

The Indian government has time after time reassured the Afghan government that their assistance would continue and they would stand by Afghanistan, as the war-torn country struggles to stand on its own after the withdrawal of foreign forces. According to

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Development of Hajigak site to happen in phases

Led by the state-owned Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL), the Afghan Iron and Steel Consortium (AIFSCO) has concluded negotiations with Afghan Mines Minister Wahidullah Shahrani on fulfilling its commitment of developing the Hajigak site in phases. After winning bid

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Afghanistan must tackle corruption to entice investors

A senior American official, Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake, urged the Afghan government to open up its economies to woo foreign-direct investments from the US by ensuring good governance devoid of corruption. As the US

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