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Economic instabilities in the world would completely end with the moral values of the Qur’an

By Harun Yahya In the Qur’an, God explains the desire for property as an aspect that ties people to the life of this world. There is no doubt that having property, earning an income and living a good life with

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State obliterating forces

By Harun Yahya The success of most engineering projects depends on the use of ideal materials. Ideal materials are those that successfully pass many physical tests such as shrinking, stretching and resistance. Just like the materials used in engineering projects,

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The Ultimate Goal: Developing the Islamic World

By Harun Yahya One of the Islamic world’s most serious problems is its general underdevelopment. Therefore, one of the Islamic Union’s priorities must be to develop the Islamic world by supporting the poorer countries and resolving their economic problems. This

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What Kind of an Islamic Union?

By Harun Yahya The First World War and the Second World War taught humanity a lesson in the form of wanton slaughter on a global scale, major European cities reduced to rubble, flattened housing estates, and genocidal concentration camps. The

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Using Our Resources Wisely

By Harun Yahya The violence in the Middle East created by sectarian fanaticism has reached unprecedented levels of brutality and madness. It is wholly unacceptable that different sects of the samereligion with shared values, but which have differing ideas on

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