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Afghanistan struggling to implement TIR system

Despite joining the Convention of Transports Internationaux Routiers (International Road Transport)-TIR in 1983, Afghanistan has failed to implement the system. The system remained inactive due to years of conflict in the country and it was reactivated in 2010 when Afghanistan

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Herat’s industrial park to get new facilities

Herat Governor Mohammad Asif Rahimi laid the foundation stone for three major facilities in the industrial park of the province. The facilities include the biggest wheat storage by Aria Company, a permanent exhibition hall and a new administrative building for

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Afghan Commerce Minister plans more investment opportunities for the country

Newly appointed Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Humayon Rasa, presented his 100-day Action Plan to the media. He has listed investment growth as his top priority and plans to attract more investors to Afghanistan by providing an investment-friendly environment. He

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