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Kandahar Fruit Exporters Face Problems from Pakistan Amid Fruit Harvests

Traders from southern Kandahar province are not enjoying the current fruit harvests as their trade is trampled by the neighboring Pakistan. According to reports, Afghan traders are forced to pay bribes in the name of transit fee and taxes by

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Fruits worth USD 59mn exported from Kandahar

As many as 53 tons of fresh and dried fruits worth USD 59mn have been exported from southern Kandahar province to foreign countries this year, compared with last year’s 46 tons of exports worth USD 56mn. The 30 percent increase

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Grape production declines in Kandahar

According to Kandahar Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Kandahar has exported 5,587 tons of grapes of this year, which have been lower than previous years. The fruit could not be exported to India and the UAE this year due to

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Fig production in Kandahar has increased

By Mohammad Naeem: Kandahar province has witnessed a boost in fig production and an improvement in the product’s quality. Orchard owners in Kandahar confirm the remarkable increase in the production of fig and its quality. “Due to reasonable climate with

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