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Kabul Bank debtor kicked out of the housing scheme project

After receiving criticism and pressure from the parliament and legal experts, President Ashraf Ghani issued a decree invalidating the contract on a housing scheme project signed with a bankrupt debtor of Kabul Bank, Khalilullah Ferozi. Ferozi was released from the

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Kabul Bank defaulters are participating in an investment project

The Kabul Bank defaulters are reportedly participating in the ‘Smart City Township’ which was inaugurated on Wednesday in capital Kabul. This move is to provide the debtors an opportunity to start their business in order to be able to pay

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How fair was Kabul Bank scandal verdict?

By Qiam Noori-Three years ago, when nearly USD 900 million was embezzled through forged documents and fraudulent loans, Kabul Bank faced a financial crisis that brought the bank on the verge of a collapse. A special tribunal sentenced the defendants,

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Kabul Bank defendants’ final trial to begin soon

Kabul Bank’s special tribunal has completed the investigation on Kabul Bank’s defendants after two years. Head of the tribunal Shams-ul-Rahman Shams said Monday that trial of the defendants will begin soon. “Our investigation is completed.  We are working on the

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