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US economy add 171,000 new jobs

The US economy added 171,000 new jobs in October; however, unemployment rate still rose to 7.9% from 7.8% in September. There are more workers now who have resumed looking for jobs; hence, causing the unemployment rate to jump back up.

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US economy grows at a rate of 2%

The US economy expanded at an annualized rate of 2% in the third quarter, the Commerce Department said. The growth is partly due to an increase in the government spending: Federal government expenditures and gross investment increased 9.6% compared with

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Chinese telecom giants posing a threat to the US

The US warned security threat posed by Chinese telecom firms Huawei and ZTE, after an investigation into the two companies. Earlier this year, the two firms faced allegations by a US court that some of their equipment had been installed

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No miracle cure- US economy

Bucking up this recovery is harder than it was in the past IF THERE is a theme to the American presidential campaign, it may be: “Imagine the alternative”. President Barack Obama’s campaign will argue that his actions prevented an economic

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