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Germany funds a 1.5bn AFN program to boost wheat production in Northern Afghanistan

The Afghan and the German governments launched a new project that aims to create income and employment in Afghanistan’s rural areas: The Economic Infrastructure Development in Afghanistan (EIDA) program. Via EIDA, Germany will provide funding of nearly AFN 1.5 billion

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Peace education syllabus and textbooks for teacher training colleges in Northern Afghanistan

The Teacher Education Directorate (TED) of the Ministry of Education (MoE) introduced a new peace education curriculum for students at Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) on Wednesday, supported by the German and Swiss Governments. The new curriculum teaches prospective teachers the

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“Powerful people have a hand in corruption”

Officials of the anti-corruption department in northern Afghanistan claim that those involved in corruption are powerful people who have connections from the lowest to the highest authorities that the department cannot fight against. Head of the Department Shamsullah Javed said

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Oil extraction begins in Amu River in northern Afghanistan

The China National Petroleum Corporation begins extracting oil from the Amur River basin in northern Afghanistan. The firm won the 25-year contract for oil extraction last year, covering drilling and a planned refinery in the northern provinces of Faryab and

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Foundation of 26 public service projects laid in Baghlan, northern Afghanistan

Baghlan’s local officials reported that the groundwork for 26 public service projects have been laid in the central district of Baghlan province. The projects, implemented by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, include asphalting and paving the roads, building

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