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NPC Approves 4 Contracts Worth 3bn Afghanis

The National Procurement Commission (NPC), chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, approved 4 contracts in its session held on Sunday at the presidential palace.  Valued around 3 billion Afghanis, the four approved contracts included three year contract for the security

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Afghan Finance Minister hails NPC as success for fighting corruption

Afghan Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi announced on Saturday that the National Procurement Commission (NPC) had scrutinized 900 contracts in one year, approving 725 contracts worth 136bn AFN. He hailed the NPC as a success for fighting corruption and claimed that

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Abdul Rashid Dostum Alleged for Preventing Amu River oil Extraction

The Afghan National Security Council (NSC) had accused General Dostum, the former powerful Jihai commander, for intervening in the extraction process of an oil basin in northern Sar-ePul province, one of Dostum’s strongholds in northern Afghanistan. The accusation is based

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