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Afghan Civil Aviation Ministry to build an airport in Nuristan

The Afghan Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation is planning to build an airport in Parun, center of the eastern province of Nuristan, in a bid to boost development in the area. With a runway of 1.2km, the airport site

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Nuristan most likely to face food shortages

Several roads in eastern Nuristan province have been closed, some as a result of heavy snowfall and some due to insecurity. Residents are concerned that they would face severe food shortages if the main roads remained closed. Humanitarian groups have

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Afghan police arrested for looting money from bank

Two policemen in eastern Nuristan province have been arrested with 9mn AFN stolen from a branch of Da Afghanistan Bank. Governor Tamim Nuristani said investigation has been initiated and the culprits shall be brought to justice soon. Nuristan provincial police

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Daikundi province in dire need for humanitarian aid before the arrival of winter

Food crisis is most likely to loom over the central Daikundi province, as food production has drastically declined this year due to severe weather conditions. The chilling weather in spring and the drought in the summer have caused wheat production

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Afghanistan warned for human disaster in the coming winter

The Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ADNMA) urged timely assistance from the international community to the vulnerable population during the harsh winter. ANDMA Director-General Mohammad Dayem Kakar said on International Day for Disaster Reduction on Wednesday that 52 of Afghanistan’s

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Nuristan’s timber smuggled to Pakistan

Eastern Nuristan province is suffering from ruthless deforestation, with timber being smuggled to neighboring Pakistan on camels and mules. Areas such as Want Waigal, Kamdesh and Barg-e-Matal in Nuristan are endowed with think forests, where Pakistani traders pay frequent visits

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