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President Karzai Assigns a High Council to Monitor Economic Growth

President Hamid Karzai has set up a High Economic Council, led by the president himself, to boost the country’s economy. The Council would include three representatives from the private sector, university scholars and the Cabinet. Minister of Commerce and Industries

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Two Afghan government officials sentenced to prison for embezzlement

Paktika’s revenue officer and agriculture director, alleged for embezzlement in government funds, are awarded six and seven year imprisonment respectively. According to the chief of the urban court Khan Zaman Yaqubi’s verdict, the agriculture director with convenience of revenue officer

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Germany to continue its assistance to Afghanistan post 2014

Germany’s Special Representative for Afghanistan assured President Hamid Karzai n Kabul that his country would continue to help Afghanistan beyond 2014, under a strategic cooperation agreement. The two leaders also conferred on Pakistan’s role in the ongoing reconciliation process, the

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Donors pledge $16bn to Afghanistan at Tokyo Meeting

International donors to Afghanistan, led by the U.S., Japan, Germany and the UK, pledged to USD 16bn in civilian aid for four years for the reconstruction and stability of Afghanistan after foreign forces leave in 2014. The Afghan economy relies

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Karzai Heads to Japan for Tokyo Conference

President Hamid Karzai flew to Tokyo, Japan on Saturday to attend the Tokyo Conference where donors will pledge an annual aid of around USD 4 billion to Afghanistan. The one-day conference will focus on reviewing Afghanistan’s achievements so far since

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